How It Works

From interactive tools built for online learning content, DZ Dimension online platform is unique inside and out.

Custom Content

Watch this video to see examples of our original educational media – custom-developed by dedicated DZ Dimension designers, the Instructional Design team.

Your Courses

Each course has a homepage that contains your assignments, projects, and grades, and gives you easy access to classmates and instructors. And since our degrees center on creative media, you'll notice that your course content can include everything from videos, to podcasts, to original animation.

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Live Sessions

Through live classes, you'll be able to interact with your instructors and peers in the same way you would in a creative studio or classroom. Can't make it? They'll be archived and waiting for you when you're ready.

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Share Your Work

You'll be able to upload many types of media to DZ Dimension online learning platform, and use industry collaboration tools to share and critique work with your classmates.