Certiport Webinar Training Sessions

Every person that will be involved in administering exams should attend the proper training session(s).

Training sessions are held through an online webinar and a conference call. You will be able to see the trainer's desktop online as he or she demonstrates administrative account management and test delivery.


ALL new Certiport Centers need to attend this training.

The Portal is used for all of your account management and administrative support. This training will also cover Certiport Online test delivery, which is used for Adobe, Autodesk, Strata, HP, IC3, QuickBooks, MTA, MCE, MOS 2010 (OneNote, SharePoint only) exams.

iQsystem Certiport
Center Training

The iQsystem is the test delivery program used for the following Microsoft Office exams: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access. Centers that will be delivering these exams should to attend this training in addition to the Account Management Training.